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Love Came Down :: From Bethel College Chapel Band (Album)
Dont (EP) (Ed Sheeran) (2014) : Full Album
V (Deluxe Version) (Maroon 5) (2014) : Full Album
Its My Birthday ( - Ft,Cody Wise) :: Exclusive Single
X (Deluxe Version) (Chris Brown) (2014) : Full Album
The Weeknd (King Of The Fall) :: Exclusive Single
Still Pushing Dope Vol. 1 (VA) (2014) : Full Album
Time For Bed (Khalil feat. Justin Bieber) :: Exclusive Single
My Everything (Deluxe Edition) (Ariana Grande) (2014) : Full Album
Playtime (Justin Bieber Ft Khalil) :: Exclusive Single
Years Ahead (EP) (Redway) (2014) : Full Album
I Have A Dream (EP) (Rayven Justice) (2014) : Full Album
She Came To Give It To You (ft. Nicki Minaj)(Usher) :: Exclusive Single
Skyhharbor Evolution (Guiding Lights) :: Single Track
Unreleased R.E.D. (Game) (2014) : Full Album
Dope As Coke The Leak (A-One) (2014) : Full Album
Bass Rock Babies (Deluxe Edition) (Beeda Weeda) (2014) : Full Album
Ugly Heroes (EP) (Ugly Heroes) (2014) : Full Album
Minds Without Fear (The Dewarists - Imogen Heap With Vishal n Shekhar) :: Exclusive Single
Booty (Remix) (Ft. Iggy Azalea) (Jennifer Lopez) : Single Track
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